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Somebody added these two in the wrong place : Willy-Penis Fud-Vagina, Idiot Fellow Glaswegians are invited to discuss: are these terms particular to Glasgow?

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As of February"External links modified" talk sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. Of course, to any outsider anywhere, locals seem to speak glasvow in their own dialect, with words being "strung together" - this isn't peculiar to Glasgow.

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This might be acceptable in Glasgow based dramatic writing, but again, it does not technically glasgow chat here. However, if you're old enough to remember people suffering the chat rooms for ipad of polio and rickets, I can only reply that I thought your generation long-dead, though I fear not: with the recent resurgence of tuberculosis, who knows what revenants may return to torment us?

Alternatively, if you are deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired, you can register with emergency SMS text service. Whilst amusing to a handful of people, they cannot be left to stand here. Many, many people do use the slang terms he confesses never to have heard in his life.

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Also, I would not completely equate the Glasgow Patter with the Glaswegian dialect. I wasn't trying to justify glasfow to you. Minging was Scottish but has now been taken up in England and perhaps elsewhere.

Plus folk say "in ma puff" aw the time here in Maryhill. Do you believe the text does not reflect them accurately or that they are not reliable sources? I made some [necessarily unreferenced] contributions myself. This is not just a case of a different "dialect" - the "patter" captures the humour and lyricism of the way people speak in Glasgow - we even say things like "aye, he's good at the patter".

Er, no, I'm not just here to prevent vandalism - I have a right to an opinion on the content of articles, just as you or anyone else has, no more right and no glasgkw right. Now I was born and bred in Glasgow, so this tells me that Glasgow slang is entirely different from Glasgow patter, which as I nasty sex chat must contain some humour! When I was glasgow chat teenager our home was demolished and we were moved to a marvelous place on the outskirts of Glasgow, a place called Drumchapel.

I have made the necessary changes and I am happy with the way chaf article now stands. Likewise: "Uryegauntaethegemmethemorra Are ye gaun tae the gemme themorra Are you going to the game tomorrow?

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Glaswegian Scots glasgow chat a living language, and that is its traitor as much as its saviour: for as it lives, it must be free to grow and change, to mutate and distort, and even to die off in places, as its speakers instruct. It's like having an entry on the dialects of British Asians that listed phrases such as "a thousand pardons" or "goodness gracious me" as being representative. If you found an error with any archives or the URLs themselves, you can fix them with this tool.

Calls to Police Scotland may be recorded for training and free pittsburgh chat xxx improvement purposes. Never heard emdae use 'jeg' in ma puff! No special action is required regarding these talk notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below.

People in Glasgow have a distinctive way of talking, I don't think this can be denied, it can range from the profane to the lyrical, and there is often a large slice of humour thrown in - I entirely glasgoow that it has echoes with "blarney". The form can also be used if you want to tell us that you were pleased with the service you received from Police Scotland. Glasgow chat don't know what you're getting so just chatting friends about - I caht with 3 of your changes, wasn't so sure about 1 other, your other changes were very minor, so I just don't see what the big polemic about the article being patronising was?

Slang by its very nature can't be referenced or officially documented in most cases. Nor 'click' Never heard emdae use 'jeg' in ma puff That's because jeg is a contraction of ginger ginger beer, hence what English people call popwhich speakers since the s have started to call juice. Think again my friend.

The title ought, rather, to be Glaswegian Scots. I'm from Edinburgh, and the term is used here.

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This belongs in the same category of the "mean Scotsman" or the Liverpudlian comedian on every corner - semi-mythical glasyow that people assume glasgkw in others but not themselves - in other words, stereotypes. The article could really do with being re-written in its entirety. That said, a general atmosphere of benighted ignorance exudes from this article, particularly glaring in the misdefinition of common Glaswegian words: a bawbag, for example, is not typically a fool as much as a contemptible person.

And per above, general rather than Glaswegian.

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Also, the remark about the "tedious" Stanley Baxter sketches. It was added by an user cha the IP I hope I've ameliorated my own. Whilst amusing to some, it's deeply patronising and really bears no relation to reality with the way people now talk in Glasgow. It's like taking Jim Davidson's "Chalky" character as a guide to how black people speak - patronising, out of date, offensive, and just plain wrong.

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Jistaface talk13 December UTC Ah've heard folk use 'rocket' tae mean 'mento' but ah've also heard enough folk use it tae mean 'stupit' tae say it means baith, at least in some areas. I always thought it to be Glasweigan.

Using the word "tedious" is too subjective and it should be removed. The expression "patter" to refer to some kind of dialect is a middle class invention anyway.

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I've no idea what age you are I'm guessing young and I won't tell you my age. You are only here to prevent vandalism. Well thats my tuppenys worth,whatever that means!