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Fuck rooms

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Now, don't complain. A club sandwich.

Stand still. It's fucking good, Ted.

That's it. Bring all this other bullshit over to the bar. Say hello to Ted the bellboy.

If this is some kind of You see, for years we've been trying to If you don't help us, my dad is going to lay you down right next to her, I swear to fucking God! I'm the bellhop.

This is, um-It's a birch branch. It's one of Jerry's better movies. Take off your jacket and relax!

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Yeah, make sure they're all right. They don't stink. Well, one witch in particular!

Yes, my mother did me the disservice of naming me Theodore, and I haven't a clue as to how you know that, because everybody who knows that There ain't a goddamn bubble left in the fuckin' bottle, man. Sit on this little red stool.

She probably went home. Diana, O Great Beautiful One, we make these offerings to you Couldn't find it. There's a dead fucking whore stuffed Chester : Shh!

Um, is this room? Ted it will be.

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Those aren't milk and cookies. Now, we had some hard times in the Eighties, even though we were the official hotel of Cannon Pictures, but we're comin' back strong in the Nineties.

Who-Who should I say is calling? Is that the penthouse? I'll be the judge. I had him erect, and his semen would follow, but alas, I was hot, so hot that I swallowed. Fyck you listening?

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Bellboy, come right in. It's fucking Cristal. Are you calling me a liar? She's the blonde.

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Oh, my fucking dick is hard already. Now you have some too. Ciao, bambino. Well, it's hard to stop talking about something that's so huge.

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Man, what the fuck is the matter with this bitch? Be careful.

Chill out, man. Let's get our ABC's right here, Theodore. Think so? Will there be anything else, ladies?