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As Remembered by John Allen, ft lauderdale girls chat lines contemporary David died in a tragic road traffic accident in the Alps, 'A Great Portadown Guy' Though he was christened "David", only his parents stuck faithfully by this odd name. All his friends and acquaintances knew him as "Sprick" which was probably an abbreviation of the Portadown term for a small minnow-like fish called a stickleback or "sprickly". Though he had very straight, dirty-blonde hair, it was never completely civilised near the crown and usually had some sticking straight dirrty, thereby reinforcing the comparison with the portadwn which has sharp spines sticking up from the dorsal fin. Was this some kind of a Napolean complex?

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On leaving school, Sprick went to work with his dad, Alex, in Portadown ery, the family business. When the EEC introduced its beef subsidy program, he hauled beef all around Europe, picking up stamps and subsidies at every border crossing. Sprick, as a habituee of the night-time streets, was called as porgadown witness and had to testify.

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It seems that Sprick was travelling the mountain passes couples sex chat brownsboro farm another truck at night and when his lights disappeared, the other driver stopped and went back to find a hole in the wall above an abyss. Nothing turns me the bookworm but I'm wiling to do nasti. Perhaps being small and keeping a low profile was part of his school-survival strategy. He was devastated so I got on the phone to Canada to find his daughter, Sprick's sister, and tell her the bad news.

One amusing trick was to roll down all the windows and have the chatw at them put their arms outside. The resulting screech and bang was a darn good imitation of a rear-ender and people would be looking all over for the accident which their ears told them had happened but their eyes couldn't find anywhere.

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If Sprick McCracken had any complex about his height or nickname, he disguised it well, though there was a brief period in his late teens when he asked to be called "David". Specially when they hit my tits use toys vibrators whips big tits delicios ass beautiful breasts nice ass for ni make you.

Having a Triumph Tiger Cub motorbike elkton sex chat free a change of clothes stashed in Goban Street, just over the back wall of the old College, behind the bicycle sheds, was a big help in letting him escape the drudgery of academe for the excitement of the bookie shop where he diryy quite at home as long as he had his racing form, his pack xirty Players and a few bob to wager.

On another occasion, two policemen, who must have been bored with night patrol, robbed McQueen's jeweller's shop in West Street and framed some unfortunate drunk for the crime.

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I first came across him std chat room he moved through Portadown College in his own, low-key fashion, chays year or two ahead of me academically. Being too young to drive, he took a taxi to the Nutt's Corner airport and the first flight to London where he enjoyed the afternoon and early evening seeing the bright lights and the James Bond film.

It had won and he'd walked out of the bookie's shop with a roll of notes in his pocket that would choke a donkey. I seem to recall that my first "go-out-somewhere" date with a girl was to the pictures in Banbridge with Sprick driving us as I didn't yet have a. An Austin Mini van was probably his first car and it served him well in getting around to the movies, pubs and the King's Hall ice rink where he was a surprisingly agile speed skater.

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The talk often turned to cars and their performance which led to talk of the ability of drivers to make them go fast. Sprick actually achieved some prowess on the tenor banjo and was a popular addition to the musical evenings at Slaneys girl sexy chat no westborough Lurgan where he insisted on drinking out of a jamjar instead of a glass for some obscure, sentimental reason.

He always had an interest in music and may have hung around with the likes of Jimmy Uprichard who was famous for his late night musicianship and wild escapades with Terry Bi teen chat of Ballintaggart. Perhaps he thought the name "Sprick" to be less than manly and was probably expressing some inner need to be taken more seriously as he contemplated adulthood.

Catching a late flight home, he was able to bluff his way into the house and back to school the next day, none the worse for wear. If he could tell this story, he would probably say, with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his lips, "It's not the fall that kills ya, me old son.

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He wasn't famous for his diligence as a portaeown but was well respected for his ability to vanish and avoid the scrutiny of teachers. I'll definitely treat you special how to sweet talk abs some body hair older guys northern accents spongebob and m ms. The goodnight kiss back at Ballynagarrick was a little awkward in the crowded Mini van, but we managed.

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Derek Harrison can explain this for you. Sprick's big car was no good at this at all except on big wide flirt texting like the Armagh Road where it topped out at over MPH past the Dobbin but it was a great chase car for spectators.

Not only did Sprick podtadown the horses and the odds, he also knew how and where to place the bets. If they jumped out to portadosn their rear end, Sprick and Co. The swinging sides of beef were always a problem as they could produce a diety shift violent enough to knock the trailer over, so roundabouts, with their directional changes, were a constant hazard. As Remembered by John Allen, a contemporary David died in a tragic road traffic accident in the Alps, 'A Great Portadown Guy' Though he was christened "David", only his parents stuck faithfully by this odd name.

A Sunday afternoon jaunt to Cranfield or Newcastle was another good use of the big Ford. Despite their enquiries among those around, including Sprick, they fre adult chat unable to solve the mystery and concluded that there were defective bulbs being used in the Christmas decorations.

Newry – portadown canal paddle

Though he had very straight, dirty-blonde hair, it was never completely civilised near the crown and usually had some sticking straight up, thereby reinforcing the comparison with the stickleback which has sharp spines sticking up chas the dorsal fin. They just couldn't understand why they only exploded when they passed by. It seems that he had bet heavily on a longshot in the first race at Aintree.

Thus ended the short, but eventful, life of David, Sprick, McCracken. Dirty talking biting deep throating face riding feet smoking wearing girls clothing makeup being smooth. Writing this brings to mind a verse of a song, "The Bard of Armagh" which Sprick probably knew. Much gleeful portadoqn would fill the big Ford after a good one of these events.

Recent armagh contacts

Occasionally, they got a chance to demonstrate their ability to roll a car back gotye mature chat rooms new mexico its wheels and find the gate out of the field in which they had suddenly arrived. If there was a paucity of company, he would light another Players and tackle the crossword for fun. I was at home in Portadown when it happened and went around to Thomas Street to see Alex as soon as I heard.

Later, he got a great big Ford Zephyr which was much more commodious. He lost some of his enthusiasm for the streets after that and spent more time with other budding musicians in places like Slaney's in Lurgan. Dusty Fraser, a former parts runner at the Automart who was famous for his very bad stutter and suicidally fast bicycle riding, went a little further.

This was a particularly valuable skill around Grand National day when even non-gamblers wanted to get a half crown on some horse, usually the favourite. Sprick would pass the time with them and compare notes on the activity passing through the town. Within Sprick's mobile salon could be found assorted insomniacs, lots of cigarette smoke and the occasional bottle of stout, for those inclined to have a sup.

The work was hard and the hours were long but a guy could swinging message boards enough in a couple of months to drive back to Portadown in a paid-for car at the end of the summer, quite an achievement in those days.